Acupuncture for Sports Injury in Austin, TX

Man stretching on track sports medicine

Acupuncture, and the full scope of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that an acupuncturist utilizes, is a full system of medicine that views the individual as a holistic unit. Because of this, we treat the whole athlete and are able to more effectively help the recovery process and prevent injuries in the first place compared to many single modalities.

How to Live a Healthy Life!

ARE YOU LIVING A HEALTHY LIFE? WHAT DOES IT EVEN MEAN TO LIVE A “HEALTHY LIFE”? Austin is known for live music, festivals and BBQ, but it is also home to an incredible community of wellness professionals using a variety of techniques and therapies to help people feel their absolute best. It’s a great community […]

5 Reasons to Eat With the Seasons: the Benefits of Seasonal Produce

This article was written by Michelle Lauer, CNP and medically reviewed by Dr. Christopher Knee, ND for If you’ve ever bitten into a peach in the middle of winter, you’ve likely noticed that its flavor and texture aren’t nearly as impressive as what you’d find in a fresh peach during summertime. Due to advancements in modern […]

Solving Austin Insomnia

This article was originally written and posted for Wholistic Matters. Sign up for more wholistic health articles at Sleep is just as essential for survival as the human need for food and water. Just as the quality of the diet can impact well-being, the quality of sleep can contribute significantly towards good health. There are more than 70 […]

Acupuncture, Meditation & The Vagus Nerve

Whenever I find myself talking to clients at the clinic about the same thing over and over again, I tend to think it might be a good thing to write about! The topic that has been coming up more often lately is how acupuncture and mindfulness meditation practices work hand-in-hand to affect nervous system function by way of the vagus nerve. […]

Integrative Treatment of Cedar Fever

It is January, and cedar has officially exploded in Austin. If you haven’t noticed then you probably have nothing to worry about this year, but if it feels like you’ve been hit by a truck, then it could very well be cedar that is causing your symptoms. The cedar pollen that we refer to in […]

Stillness + Movement for Optimal Immune Function

Everything in moderation. Even nectar is poison if taken to excess Happiness is a place between too little and too much. So many cultures have understood the necessity of balance to optimal health, and yet I see patients every week who are running themselves into the ground, and still can’t understand why they are not […]

Treatment of Pandemic Stress & Anxiety Without Pharmaceuticals

You’ve heard it. You get it. Our modern world is a stressful place to be, even without a global pandemic. I see patients every day dealing with symptoms related to their stress – from pain to digestive symptoms to sleep issues. COVID-19 has significantly ratcheted up the stress levels, creating symptoms they had not experienced […]

How Mindfulness Meditation Works

Mindfulness is foundational to the practice of Buddhism and Yoga, but it is also growing rapidly among various other communities in the West due to substantial scientific evidence showing its effectiveness for anxiety, pain, stress, sleep disorders and more. The concept of mindfulness is something that is simple to comprehend, but not necessarily easy to […]