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Why Integrative Medicine is the Future of Healthcare

All things considered, this is a great time to be alive. Global life expectancy has more than doubled since 1900 and we are far less likely to die from injuries or major diseases. Vaccines have eradicated the most common infectious diseases and advances in surgery and pharmaceuticals have restored quality of life to many who would […]

Sleep Like a Baby with 5 Natural Sleep Aids

We are not sleeping very well these days. A lot of us are overworked, stressed and taking part in activities throughout the day that are making it harder for us to get a good night’s sleep. We try to fight through the sleepiness with caffeine and “catching up” on the weekends, both of which actually […]

6 Steps to Treat Low Back Pain Naturally

The vast majority of us have had or will have low back pain at some point in our lives. If you’re active, or sit for long periods of time, you are more likely to experience discomfort. In fact, low back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide AND the #1 reason for missed work […]

Can Acupuncture Help with Neuropathy?

People suffering with neuropathy (approximately 20 million Americans) are given very few options when it comes to effective treatment for the symptoms. Pharmaceuticals are a large part of standard care, and exercise, nutrition and footwear recommendations are sometimes given as well. Beyond those, many people suffering from neuropathy are told to try to come to […]

Understanding and Resetting the Chronic Pain Response

At some point in your life, you will experience pain. That is a universal truth if I’ve ever heard one. Everyone has painful experiences with initial traumas occuring at the physical level (spraining an ankle, breaking a bone or stubbing a toe to name a few) or the psycho-emotional level (heartbreak, verbal abuse or loss […]

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