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The Effects of Chronic Stress

We all have stress to deal with on a daily basis. Some stressors are large (e.g. personal health or family challenges) and others are relatively small (e.g. traffic or forgetting your snow boots when IT IS SNOWING IN AUSTIN!?!? – it’s been a crazy winter so far). Physiologically, we all respond to stress in a […]

Balance Wellness Referral Program

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! The Balance Wellness Referral Program is officially live! It is now easier than ever to share good health with your friends and family. You will now receive $20 off your next treatment for EVERY new patient you send to Balance Wellness who books! Not only that, but your friend will also receive $20 […]

How To Use Acupuncture For Women’s Health

It is all too common in our society to believe that PMS and menopause symptoms are completely normal parts of a woman’s life. Both are joked about on TV shows, normalized by pharmaceutical companies touting drugs to control symptoms, and believed by most people that the severity of symptoms are mainly due to luck or […]

Acupuncture for Austin Sports Injury & Pain Relief

I have been interested in using acupuncture for sports injuries and musculoskeletal pain ever since it helped me finally get over my own back pain. I have always been an athlete so I was no stranger to banging up my body, allowing it to heal and then going on to the next event. And then I had an injury […]