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Dany NaiermanDany Naierman
23:23 03 Jun 22
Chris is an excellent TCM and acupuncture therapy professional. Chris is a great and knowledgeable practitioner and is a thoughtful listener. The office is comfortable and well taken care of. If your new or have experience with TCM, Chris will walk you through every step. Highly recommended!
Tom MTom M
20:33 27 May 22
Having been a client for 2-3 years now, I can confidently say the services and results of routine acupuncture + cupping have been a vital component to my wellness practice. Chris not only creates a comfortable and personal experience but he strives to elevate your well being and experience each and every appointment. I’m grateful to have found such an incredibly healing service and practice!
Kandace VallejoKandace Vallejo
14:17 15 Apr 22
If I could give Chris ten stars I would. He’s really such a treasure. I feel deeply cared for when I work with him, and he’s an incredibly attentive listener and thorough practitioner. In 2021 I was going through a rather difficult job transition and woke up with so much pain in my neck that I could barely move. I’d never had acupuncture before, and I started seeing Chris that week based on the recommendation of a friend.It worked like a dream. We discovered that I’m pretty sensitive to treatment, so Chris takes it super slow with me and always checks in as he’s placing the needles to see how I’m doing, make sure he doesn’t need to remove anything or adjust it, and just generally is so attentive. He spends time to thoroughly check in and asks after my overall health through a number of wholistic questions about my body, emotions, sleep patterns, etc before getting started at every session. His treatments helped me get through a ragingly stressful and anxiety ridden time and helped me recover, and I’ll be forever grateful that I found him.He’s been so supportive of my overall healing, always answers the dozen questions I have about acupuncture and the body and the points he’s putting in (I love to nerd out on that stuff) and he’s never pushy about moving me farther along than I’m ready to go, so I’ve always felt super safe in his care. When I began seeking out reproductive acupuncture treatment, he acknowledged the limits of his expertise & said that is not his field, and suggested another practitioner. Chris is a true healer who knows that if he’s effective his client will turn up less and less - that’s been true for me and he’s been so wonderfully gracious about it!
Jessica VinceticJessica Vincetic
15:51 03 Mar 22
Chris is so friendly and warm, making such a personal treatment really comfortable and something I look forward to. He treats the whole person and takes the time to check in on what I might need in each appointment to ensure tailored service. I freaking love acupuncture for the relaxation and wellness benefits and am so so glad I found Chris in Austin!
Amanda McCordAmanda McCord
20:35 16 Feb 22
Chris was incredibly professional and was such a good listener. I was nervous for the process, and he walked me through it and put me at ease. I feel much more relaxed, and will definitely return! Thanks Chris!

Our reviews on Yelp

  •   I'm so glad a friend recommended Chris at Balance Wellness. I've been dealing with stress, anxiety and many sleepless nights that were impacting my health. In the past I've seen... read more

    thumb Andie J.

      New to acupuncture, I was excited to give a session with Chris a try. For the majority of my life, I've suffered with ongoing allergies and intense, long-lasting, sinus headaches.... read more

    thumb Mary D.

      Chris is a PROFESSIONAL! And has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to herbal medicine, acupuncture, and cupping. I've gone to him for 3 consecutive sessions now and have... read more

    thumb Shayda T.
  •   Chris Goddin is a wonderful practitioner. He healed my back injury through cupping. I love this treatment! So easy and it just worked.

    thumb D M.

      I had some intense shoulder pain and could not get enough relief from over the counter pain medicine (ibuprofen, aspercreme, arnica gel) and decided to try acupuncture. I had... read more

    thumb Steven L.

      After my first cupping and acupuncture session with Chris, I walked away so amazing. I had been experiencing a significant amount of pain in my neck and upper back. He... read more

    thumb Kayla D.
  •   Both of my arms, near the elbows, are inflamed - it hurts to lift things, pick up kids, etc. I tried a number of airrosti appointments and saw some progress... read more

    thumb anon y.

      I've been meaning to try acupuncture for a while now, am glad to have finally done so, and to have chosen Balance Wellness. I couldn't be happier with the results.... read more

    thumb Sean R.

      Professional, clean and very helpful. Highly recommend. When I went to Balance Wellness my nervous system was out of whack. It was actually quite worrying. Within a couple of short... read more

    thumb Alex C.
  •   AMAZING!!!! Every aspect was perfection. Just do yourself a favor & go give him a try! So relaxing. We all need that!

    thumb Melissa T.

      Simply put, Chris is amazing. I saw him for the first time a few months ago to try out cosmetic acupuncture. Having never done it before, I was a bit... read more

    thumb Colleen F.

      I've been seeing Chris the last few months to help with this annoying fluctuating anxiety I've been experiencing, and I've definitely noticed a difference in my temperament. In scenarios where... read more

    thumb Jennie L.

Our reviews on Facebook

Jennie Loerch
Jennie Loerch
13:44 12 Jun 23
I've been seeing Chris the last few months to help with this annoying fluctuating anxiety I've been experiencing, and I've definitely noticed a difference in my temperament. In scenarios where the anxiety would usually spike (wedding prep) I've been able to stay more grounded and in the comfort of... my body.

I appreciated the way he explained that the treatment wasn't a cure all, but worked best with different modalities as well (yoga, breathwork, therapy, supplements.) Chris has such wonderful, beautiful, supportive energy, and that paired with his ability to be so present is no doubt a huge part of the healing experience.

I also appreciate how he offers a discount when you buy a bundle of sessions. The only unfortunate thing is he only takes clients M-F 9-5, so not ideal for the working person (though it's so he can be home with his family <3) But if you can make it work it is so so worth it!
read more
Haley Klaus
Haley Klaus
18:17 02 May 23
I absolutely love going to Balance Wellness and highly reccomend Chris! He has helped me so much with TMJ, allergies, sleep, anxiety, gut health and more. His space is very calming and welcoming and he has fantastic bedside manner. Chris is a wealth of knowledge and genuinely wants to help his... clients heal. I can’t reccomend him enough!read more
Ledile Maledza
Ledile Maledza
23:54 12 Feb 23
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Heather Nichole Emerson
Heather Nichole Emerson
16:09 01 Mar 20
I came in for some minor hip pain and overall balancing. Chris was so knowledgeable and was able to connect seemingly other very small things that seemed to have nothing to do with my hip! (Like ear pain).

The space was so beautiful and relaxing. I fell into the deepest sleep during... treatment which is not easy for me.
I already feel so much better today and I slept for the first time in weeks without taking something to help me fall asleep.

I highly recommend going if you’ve been feeling “off”. Chris can find the root cause!
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Georgia Thompson
Georgia Thompson
20:31 27 Jan 20
I initially sought out acupuncture as an additional method for coping with stress and anxiety and have been blown away by how much I've benefitted from my time at Balance Wellness. I've personally seen improvements in my stress levels, quality of sleep and overall aches and pains. Chris is... incredibly knowledgeable, patient and informative, and I can't recommend him enough!read more
Shayda Torabi Howell
Shayda Torabi Howell
16:19 08 Oct 19
Chris is a PROFESSIONAL! And has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to herbal medicine, acupuncture, and cupping. I've gone to him for 3 consecutive sessions now and have noticed a dramatic decrease in neuropathy/tingling in my right hand pinky, and we've also used cupping to target some tension... in my upper right shoulder/back area. I have enjoyed our sessions so far and will continue to see Chris for his expertise!read more
Amy Strain
Amy Strain
19:19 09 May 19
When having a prolonged episode of sciatica I decided to try acupuncture. After just one visit I felt much better. Chris is an expert and I will definitely see him again for other issues as well. I am no longer fearful of another prolonged (six weeks last time) sciatica attack.
Cindy Lemaster Martin
Cindy Lemaster Martin
14:19 22 Mar 19
I came to Chris looking to find non prescription options for insomnia, night sweats, stress and anxiety. Within a week I was sleeping so much better, not waking up drenched and my overall stress and anxiety was very manageable! Book an appointment with Chris. You won’t be sorry!
Ali Leal
Ali Leal
20:33 05 Jan 19
I’ve done acupuncture once before elsewhere, but I did not see results like I did after my session with Chris. Came in for stress relief & some sleep issues and I’ve been sleeping like a baby. It’s interesting to know some issues I’ve been having are all tied together. Definitely check him out! The... cupping is great for any muscular issues you may be more
Neil Stokes
Neil Stokes
17:20 01 Nov 18
Chris is great. He helped me with allergies and improving my metabolism. The treatment is pain free and the setting is peaceful and relaxing.
Francesca Alfarache
Francesca Alfarache
21:13 16 Oct 18
My friend recommended Chris when I was complaining about some chronic wrist pain. Shortly before I went to meet Chris I pulled a muscle and i couldn't move my neck!

When I went to Chris he was very welcoming and explained what treatment he recommended and why.

After my first... treatment I was able to move my neck! My wrist feels slightly better, he did explain that an injury (such as my wrist) that's been brewing for 10 years would take longer to recover. Makes sense.

After the first treatment I felt AMAZING. I was in a deep relaxing state. I felt a little tired and groggy, but that's not a complain. It was like my body went through massive recovery all in 45 min.
read more
Alison Paige Cooper
Alison Paige Cooper
14:44 22 Jun 18
Chris has helped me so much with my left side dominant issue. I have a tendency to overcompensate weight when moving merchandise for my job, that it has built up scar tissue. Chris helped me figure out long term exercises and customized my cupping experience.
Kayla Stevens
Kayla Stevens
12:47 11 Jun 18
After my first cupping and acupuncture session with Chris. I walked away so amazing. I have never experienced feelings this great after any chiropractic, cupping or acupuncture session performed by anyone else. I will absolutely be back!
Stanton Korn
Stanton Korn
01:56 20 Sep 17
Great healer and intuitively knows how to get rid if my aches and pains. Great bedside manner. Highly recommend him to any struggling with body pain.
Elena At BeMedique
Elena At BeMedique
15:58 29 Aug 17
Taylor Lang
Taylor Lang
04:34 16 Jun 17
One of the best acupuncture appointments I have had! I walked in with a bad knot in my neck that started to impair my movement and left with full range of motion back. Chris did amazing work!
Oleg Pachkovets
Oleg Pachkovets
17:20 09 Jun 17
Ann Martin Miller
Ann Martin Miller
21:30 06 Jun 17
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