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Toning the Vagus Nerve with Acupuncture

Vagal nerve toning is an effective way to train your nervous system to relax more quickly and completely.
Nervous System

The vagus nerve is one of the 12 cranial nerves. These 12 nerves exit the back of the brain, travel to different parts of your body and are vital to keeping you alive and functioning.

The vagus nerve is the longest of the 12 cranial nerves and has many functions, but most importantly for the purposes of this post is that it provides the main parasympathetic innervation to the majority of your organs.

Your parasympathetic nervous system is often described as the “Rest and Digest” nervous system (as opposed to the sympathetic or “Fight / Flight / Freeze” nervous system). When our bodies are in a relatively higher state of chronic stress (e.g. chronic pain, anxiety, stress, trauma, etc.), the sympathetic nervous system can become overly dominant, not allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to do it’s job to calm you down.

Vagus nerve toning is the process of strengthening your parasympathetic nervous system to allow you to be able to relax faster and more completely. This relaxed state is essential in allowing your body to be able to regulate hormones, digestive function, immune system function, and tissue repair.

Vagal nerve toning is one of the reasons why acupuncture is an effective treatment for stress, anxiety, allergies, digestive conditions, sleep issues and chronic pain conditions.

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Chris Goddin, owner and acupuncture of Balance Wellness

Why choose Balance?

I have made it my mission to be an advocate for you, my patients, and determine what steps you need to take to improve your health and get to the root of your health issues. My background in Integrative Medicine gives me the opportunity to understand the various mechanisms that are causing your health issues and the tools we can use to fix them.

I feel extremely fortunate to have found this medicine and I look forward to the opportunity to share it with you!

—Chris Goddin, L.Ac.


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